Workplace/On-Site Drug TestingWhat every employer should know about drug testing in the workplace ?
American business has a drug problem.  According to the U.S. Department of Labor, more than 8 million Americans use some type of illegal substance.  As many as 77 % of all illicit drug users in this country are employed.  Drug abuse is on the rise, placing American businesses at enormous risk both legally and financially.  Substance abuse costs employers $165 billion annually in loss of productivity, theft, accidents, absenteeism, increased workers' compensation and healthcare.  Only 5% of companies do NOT test their employees.  Less than 15% of employers have a partial drug program implemented.  Over 80% of companies require regular drug testing of their employees.  Screening employees for substance abuse acts as a deterrent, lowers absenteeism, increases productivity, and identifies employees who may need treatment.  These all result
in financial savings for your company and makes your
workplace safer for others.

Employer Testing Solutions
It's a fact!  Employers with successful drug-free workplace programs report decreases in absenteeism, accidents, downtime, turnover, and theft.  It increases productivity and overall improved moral.

No one wants to believe that a friend or an employee has a substance abuse.  Only about 23% of our nation's drug abusers are sitting around in abandoned buildings and back alleys.  The other 77% of all drug abusers ARE employed!  If you do not have a drug program in place, employees may wonder why and may not want to apply in fear that the company is not looking out for their employees safety and best interest!

Alabama MedScreen was formed in 1996 as a paramedical services company to provide health information to major life Insurance companies.  Early on we branched in to Occupational Health Testing.  We have provided testings for thousands of local and national companies.  No business is immune, no business is exempt and no business is too big or too small to implement a drug testing program.

Alabama MedScreen provides the following testing:

Pre-Employment Testing
Pre-employment testing clearly decreases the chance of hiring a current substance abuser.  Drug testing may discourage current users from seeking employment in workplaces where pre-employment tests are done.

Random Testing
Random tests provide a deterrent to substance use and abuse because individuals have no way of knowing when testing will be conducted or whether they will be selected for testing.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing
Employers test on this basis that an employee is abusing substances typically rely on such evidence of patterns of abnormal or erratic behavior, physical symptoms, or arrests or convictions for drug-related offenses.

Post Accident Testing
Employers test following all serious accidents or incidents while on company time.  Employees involved in accidents are asked to take a drug test directly after an incident.  Even if the accident does not appear to be drug related, these tests may be necessary for legal or insurance purposes. 

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