What our clients say about Alabama MedScreen Medical Records Retrieval Services:

Exceeding Agent Expectations
"Alabama MedScreen/EMSI has exceeded my expectations.  My experience is that required medical records have been obtained quickly and easily using the website to place orders.  It is just another area where Paul, Deb, Georgeanne and their staff do an excellent job."
Monte P. Marshall - Insurance Agent - Birmingham, AL

Extra Effort Pays Off
"Your staff is amazing...you have our business forever!  P.S. I Love You Deb!"  - Janet D., Brokerage Operations Manager - Atlanta, GA

The Price is Right
"Current internet record retrieval company's charge ridiculous fees...copy's, postage, faxing, etc...they literally bait and switch us to death with their fees.  Not any more!  Your reasonable $30.00 flat fee plus facility cost is simply a breath of fresh air.  In today's economy, every cent counts...thanks for being easy to deal with reasonably priced." - Olivia T., Chattanooga, TN Law Firm

Can't Believe It
"I simply cannot believe how fast ya'll get records...8 days!  Amazing...Thanks!" - K.C.  Brokerage Manager, Birmingham, AL

Paralegal Recommends Alabama MedScreen, Inc.
"Thanks for helping me on such short notice.  I had the record I needed in my hands in 6 days after waiting on another company from California for 5 weeks...they still haven't gotten the record for me...insane!  I always just expected a minimum wait of 30 days when I placed a record order...I had no idea it could be so fast and easy.  Please thank your entire staff for me.  I'm telling everyone I know about ya'll." - Margaret S. - Montgomery, AL Law Firm