Sample Collection ProcessAlabama MedScreen makes the DNA sample collection process easy and convenient for you!

First we will either arrange an appointment at our collection facility or we can have our collector come to you on a mobile basis. We will even make arrangements to come to the hospital as early as the day of birth of the child. 

When you arrive at your appointment your identification will be verifed and photocopied by the sample collector.  You will also have your photograph and thumbprint taken and you will need to sign a consent form for the DNA test.       These three elements are required by the chain of custody process in order to make your DNA test results legally defensible.

The DNA sample collector will collect your DNA samples using buccal swabs. These are cotton-like swabs that he or she will rub against the inside of your cheek to "collect" loose cheek cells. The collector will then send all the DNA samples and paperwork directly to our laboratory.

The collection process takes less than 30 minutes, including any paperwork that needs to be sent with your DNA sample.

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