What is a Paramedical Exam?
What is a Paramedical Examination?
A brief Paramedical Examination may be required as a routine part of your life or health insurance application. This exam may be done at your home or office, wherever is most convenient for you.  Since most companies require a mild fast before your exam, you'll want to be watching what you eat prior to the exam.  Mornings are usually the best time to schedule your exam.

A representative of our company, a certified phlebotomist, nurse or paramedic, will call you to set up your appointment.  In order not to delay your application, you should set this appointment as soon as practical.  When the nurse calls to schedule the exam, he or she will inform you as to what specific tests will be necessary.  Sometimes a blood test is required...almost certainly, a urine sample will be required.

Our nurses are normally professional and prompt.  (In the unlikely event you encounter someone who is unprofessional or misses the scheduled appointment, please notify us immediately at (205) 823-9648 or at info@almedscreen.com.

The exam is usually brief, generally lasting approximately 15-30 minutes.  In most cases no undressing required.  However you may be asked to remove your shirt or blouse if an EKG is required.  We do not allow male nurses to do EKG's on any female clients. 

The rest of the exam will consist of a series of questions pertaining to your medical history and doctor visits, and taking your height, weight, pulse, and blood pressure.

What are they testing me for?
The insurance company may require lab work including a blood and urine sample.  For the best lab results we suggest fasting a minimum of 4 hours prior to the appointment time and drinking a glass of water about an hour before as well.  All that is needed are two small tubes of blood, roughly equivalent to 2 tablespoons.  All insurance companies test for different things...below is a sample of what insurance companies may test for: What can I do to prepare for my exam?
To save time and ensure the best possible results, here are some suggestions:
Click here for a printable Medical History and Medications information sheet

Generally, the examiner will call you the day prior to your appointment.  If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please call our office as soon as possible to reschedule it.  Our number is (205) 823-9648 or you may e-mail us at info@almedscreen.com.